Lost in the Flood Mirror

When word got out that the original mainteiners of the Lost in the Flood side no longer would be supporting it
it quickly became obvious that a new home for it was needed.

This is such a new home...

The site was grabbed from lostintheflood.priv.at on March 18th 2019.  

The files used to create this, as grabbed by using a web spider called Teleport Pro are available for you to download here.
Unless you really, really want to keep the data yourself I recommend you rather click the Lost in the Flood link below and visit this online version.
The files in the archive WILL have broke links, mising files etc.
Content used on the original site but stored on other servers were alle pulled together and, hopefully, had their 
links correctly modified.

What you get here is the site, mostly, as it was on that day in March 2019.  No further work will be done to it and
I don't know if any contact information, like emails and such, will be answered going forward.

If you must contact someone regarding something technical for the site then litf@bruceindex.com is probably your best bet.


So please, enjoy the site for what it is and go to

Access the LITF page