Collectors' Links



"Record Machine"
An entire sub-forum on the “Greasy Lake” message board that is dedicated solely and exclusively to the topic of Springsteen collecting.

"Springsteen Collectors" Facebook Group
If you're still looking for a good reason to join Facebook, we can't think of a better one than this group. Established by Danish collector, "Dream Baby Dream" super-fan and all-round nice guy Lars Becker, you will find many friends of LITF there. "Like!"



Matt Orel’s Bruce Springsteen Discography
A tremendous resource for info on/cover scans of worldwide official releases. Indispensable.

“The Killing Floor” Discography
An Italian database drawing much information from us (and honestly admitting to do so), but there are also a lot of original pictures that collectors no doubt will find interesting.

Incredible site with an emphasis on Springsteen cover versions, parody records and guest appearances.

“Complete” Bruce Springsteen Discography
Transcription of a very old (July 1985) article from UK “Record Collector” magazine archived on the “Greasy Lake” website. Obviously dated (and including the occasional factual error, too), but an interesting read nonetheless.



[ IMPORTANT NOTE: The following are strictly personal recommendations; with no paid advertising or the like involved. However, the webmasters of "Lost In The Flood" will NOT be held liable for any potential inconveniences regarding orders from any of the sources listed below. ]

Point Blank Springsteen Store
One of the finest sources for Bruce goodies currently available on the web, located in Spain.

eBay Springsteen Auctions

Tokyo Music Japan
The place to visit for Japanese items, with good prices and a super-supportive staff.'s Bruce Springsteen Collectors Store
UK online/mail order company with an extensive list of Springsteen rarities. Not necessarily cheap, but their customer service is great.

Vinyl Tap Records
Another UK source stocking some great stuff - and again, a little on the pricey side…



Frederic Clair’s Springsteen CD Collection
Personal page by major French CD collector Frederic Clair, with many cool items on display. Trčs bien!

Pascal Horsthuis’ Springsteen Collection
Located in the Netherlands, Pascal has amassed an incredible amount of delicious Bruce stuff he is sharing on this site.

Roberto Reverberi’s Springsteen CD Collection
Another amazing collection focussing entirely on Bruce’s official CD releases.

Josef Schrefel’s Springsteen Collection
Josef is a long-time fellow Austrian collector with a particularly soft spot for Dutch picture sleeve 45s and label variations. His page also features a trading list.

Bishop Danced: Roberto Scudeletti’s Springsteen Collection
A remarkable collection from Italy that includes some really rare vinyl box sets and awesome vintage Bruce posters. Beautiful web design, too.

Eddy Wehbe’s Springsteen Collection
Based in the Lebanon, Eddy is currently in the process of building one of the finest Springsteen collections anywhere; presenting most of it on his outstanding website, which is primarily dedicated to transcriptions of Bruce’s song lyrics (officially released tracks, unreleased material, alternate live renditions, cover versions and whatnot).

41 Shots: Japanese Collection Of Bruce Springsteen
Great page with tons of rare items from Japan, maintained by Keizo Fujii. Unfortunately, however, most of the text is in Japanese.