For You / Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) / Fire / Incident On 57th Street
(all live) (CBS/SONY 28DP 777)
"Live Collection" EP unique to Japan; marks the only official CD appearances of "For You" and "Incident..." live versions. Initial pressings (with red obi strip) contained a bilingual lyric booklet plus a sticker of the cover artwork and carried a "Live Colection" misprint on the spine, while later reissues (23DP 5248, with black obi) featured a 4-page inlay only and had the spelling error corrected. Overall packaging design for either variant is widely identical to the appropriate 12-inch vinyl EP sleeve.


Johnny 99 / Working On The Highway / I’m On Fire / Bobby Jean / Born To Run (all live) (CBS/SONY 28DP 778)
Japan-only "Live Collection II/'Born To Run'" EP with unique full-colour artwork and red obi strip; original pressings contained a sheet of transparent "Bruce Springsteen" logo window stickers. Reissued with different catalogue number (23DP 5249) and black obi. Also released on 12-inch vinyl.


Born To Run / Johnny 99 / Spirit In The Night / Seeds (all live) (CBS BRUCE C2)
UK-only release; contains an extra track ("Spirit In The Night") not included on the appropriate 12-inch issue. Colour cardboard picture sleeve.

Tunnel Of Love / Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (live) / Two For The Road (CBS 651295 2)
UK-only release, although discs were actually "made in Germany". Marked the first official CD appearance of "Two For The Road" as well as the first non-promotional release of "Santa Claus..." on the format. Colour cardboard picture sleeve. This item used to be especially sought-after by American collectors (who have shelled out up to $ 125 for a copy at record auctions in the past), although its value no doubt has decreased after the release of "Two For The Road" on the "Tracks" box set, and the inclusion of "Santa Claus..." on the (still readily available) 1998 "My Hometown" US 5-inch CD single.


One Step Up
(COL CSK 1031)
Extremely rare US 1-track advance promotional single in standard jewel case.


All That Heaven Will Allow / One Step Up / Roulette / Be True / Pink Cadillac (COL CSK 1046)
US-only “Tunnel Of Love Express Tour” promotional EP. Along with its follow-up, "Tunnel Of Love Express Tour Cont'd", this marked the first (and, for ten years, only) official CD appearance of the original "Be True" studio version, otherwise exclusively available as a 7-inch B-side. Very nice and unique one-panel colour picture insert; dates for the tour's first US leg are printed on both back cover and disc. A minor indexing error lets the first few beats of both "Pink Cadillac" and "Roulette" go missing when being skipped to from any of the other tracks or selected directly. The second volume, “Tunnel Of Love Express Tour Cont’d”, featured same tracks and overall packaging, but came with a different catalogue number (COL CSK 1108) and tour dates for the second leg.


Tougher Than The Rest / Roulette / Be True (live) / Born To Run (live acoustic) (CBS BRUCE C3)
UK-only release in this form. Colour cardboard picture sleeve with pink "Bruce Springsteen" logo (as opposed to the European 3-inch version, which featured blue lettering instead). Some copies were prone to “CD rot”, a chemical deterioration that resulted in the disc discolouring and eventually becoming unplayable.

Spare Parts (album version) / Pink Cadillac / Spare Parts (live) / Chimes Of Freedom (live) (CBS BRUCE C4)
Limited UK-only release in 5-inch silver tin can featuring an embossed "Spare Parts" logo on the lid. It is of note that copies exist with two types of “limited edition” stickers, each one listing a different catalogue number (CBS 652993 2 and CBS BRUCE B4, respectively) although all discs actually carry the abovementioned BRUCE C4 code instead. Quite many of the tins were prone to varying degrees of tarnish over the years.


Spare Parts (album version) / Pink Cadillac / Spare Parts (live) / Chimes Of Freedom (live) (CBS 652962 2)
Rare Australian issue in standard jewel case with colour picture insert.

Tougher Than The Rest / Be True / Chimes Of Freedom / Born To Run (acoustic) (all live) (COL CEPK-44445)
Canadian "Chimes Of Freedom" EP in standard-size jewel case with colour picture insert; contains unedited versions of “Tougher Than The Rest” and “Chimes Of Freedom” (clocking in at 6:42 and 7:21, respectively) despite incorrect shorter running times listed on the back cover. Note that an unknown number of copies came sealed in a long clear PVC blister pack that had the insert and disc/jewel case separated.